LikesPlanet Points Hack Tricks June 2014 work with MOZILLA FIREFOX

Likes Planet Point hack techniques comes follows the steps

  • First create a new likes planet account by click here
  • Mozilla Firefox (Download)
  • iMacros Add-On for Firefox (Download)
  • LikesPlanet Scripts for iMacros (DownloadProcedure : Firstly, install Mozilla (if you haven’t done) into your device. Open Mozilla, and install iMacros Add-On for Firefox. Download links are given above. Copy the downloaded LikesPlanet Script files for iMacros (iMacros (.iim) files) into your iMacros directory which is usually C:UsersUSERNAMEDocumentsiMacrosMacros. You are then ready to go !! 
  • Open Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Log In to your LikesPlanet Account and related Social Network (Eg. Facebook). Since as of now there is only Facebook likes script, you’ll need to log in into Facebook only.
  •  Close all other tabs except the LikesPlanet Tab. 
  • Click on the iMacros Button at the top right corner of your Mozilla Window. 
  • The iMacros Window will appear on the left corner of the screen. 
  • Choose one of the scripts as per your requirement (Eg. Facebook Page Likes.) Enter the ‘Max’ no. of loops to be performed. 
  • Consider entering 9999 for a longer period. One loop will get you 1 page like points. 
  • That means, if your are going for 9999 loops, you will earn around 9999×2-14 points.
  •  You’ll have to wait for the points to increase to a better extent.(May be 4-5 hours). 
  • You should continue your other work in another browser.
  •  Make sure, you don’t log in to LikesPlanet through any other device or browser at the time of looping. Don’t use Mozilla for other works while looping, consider using Internet Explorer or Chrome for the meantime. When you look back at your points after few hours, you will be surprised for sure !! Enjoy !

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