Now group chat with Upto 100 People at a time on Whats App

What’s app has been the favorite messenger for mobile users ,It has been many introducing new features from time to time in order to Please its users,The limit of 50 users was not matching the expectations and standards of the users,so finally what’s app has decided to increase it to 100
Yes now you can add Upto 100 members in a group chat,
The limit was previously 15 then 50 and now its 100.
And You can begin right now goto the app and add participants Upto 100 or less in your group chat.However it is still not confirmed whether the number of groups have been increased from 50 or not.

when you create a group on what’s app you have special control over it,you can choose you can join and who needs to be removed,create a group from menu,to add a participant click on the name of group,and add contacts,to remove anyone just click on group name,tap and hold on the name of the person you want to remove

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