Now you can disable Blue ticks in What’s app

Last week what’s app introduced Read receipt feature in the form of blue ticks,that let’s you know whether the other person has read your message or not, Some of the users while heartily welcomed the blue tick feature,Few Others viewed it as an invasion of privacy,Android users now don’t need to worry about it ,In the interest of users ,what’s app has introduced a new privacy feature,to disable blue ticks

You can simply disable them from the privacy section of the settings menu,from there un-tick read receipts,now you won’t see the read receipts ,neither the other person ,this would really make what’s app a lot more enjoyable for the users who didn’t liked the blue ticks,this feature is enabled with the latest beta version(Version 2.11.44) of what’s app,please update your what’s app if you didn’tYou can download this version from here While this feature has been introduced for android,windows&ios users have to wait for a bit more.

So now you are not forced to reply to a message immediately when you see it ,see ,wait ,think and then reply calmly ,no rush ,no hurry

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