Make Absolutely Free UNLIMITED calls in india and 232 Other countries with “The Free call”

Thanks to the advancement of the technology,which has given us various advanced means to connect with our all friends and family from anywhere,People are now relaxed of there heavy phone bills ,with the introduction to free calls you call anywhere in the world free of cost and chit chat with your friends and family instantly.
‘The Free call’ is a great service that let’s us make free calls directly from the pc without the use of phones,this is a free service and doesn’t requires any signup or login,calls are connected within seconds,no advertisements are included in the calls making this service really amazing.
How to make a free call:-
To Make a free call just Head over to this link and make sure
  • Flash player is enabled on your browser
  • and your headphone/earphone with mic is connected.
After you open the link ,you will see a dialer
Input the receiver’s number in the international format for example if you want to call and indian number which is 89603725xx dial it as 009189603725xx,once you press dial the receiver will receive a call instantly and both of you will get connected once the call is answered.
Note:Each call duration is 1min,after every one minute you need to reconnect the call.
Enjoy unlimited free calls to anywhere.

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