Clamwin a free Open source Antivirus for PC

If you keep up with the news regularly,if might be aware how various viruses attack a PC from different dimensions,trying to steal your data or creating disturbances.So here we are providing you a weapon to fight against them.
Clamwin is a free antivirus software that runs only when you want to run it,you can also schedule it to scan viruses,malwares and trojans on your pc,to scan using this antivirus just open it and assign the locations to be scanned,it will scan the files and match up with the virus data base to ensure that your files are virus free,You can also use this antivirus in combination of your regular antivirus.
Download this antivirus from here

After the download is complete ,Run the installation file ,agree with the installation license,install the default package ,now you will be asked to download the virus data base ,this will help in keeping the antivirus Upto date,finally scan your files and ensure your pc safe.

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