6 Hidden features of Google chrome you might not know

Google chrome is one of the most used web browser,it let’s you browse the website instantly and has a great collection of extensions to serve you even better,today we are presenting 6 inbuilt features you might not be familiar with.
1)Save a page as PDF:-To save a page as PDF and read it offline,simply goto the website from the chrome browser press CTRL+P and click ‘save as pdf’,save the PDF to the preferred location and open it to read the webpage offline.

2)Task manager of Chrome:-You might have used the task manager on your pc ,but have you tried the chrome’s task manager?To open the chrome’s task manager simply click SHIFT+ESC ,Chrome’s task manager will open will a list of tasks active,This will let you easily kill all the unwanted tabs.

3)Pin tabs:-If you don’t want to kill a tab simply right click on it and click pin tab,this takes the tab to the extreme corner and won’t let you close it.

4)Incognito mode:-This mode lets you browse the websites privately,without saving any history ,to enter this mode combine CTRL+SHIFT+N,a new window will open where you can browse privately.
5)Navigate to tabs quickly:-Press CTRL+1,CTRL+2 to navigate to tab 1 or 2 and so on,to navigate from one tab to another just press the tab number along with CTRL to go to the tab easily.
6)Reopen a closed tab:-Closed a tab accidentally?you can easily restore it ,just press CTRL+SHIFT+T ,the tab will reopen and start loading,this will work only for the recently closed tab.


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