Send free text message in India and 9 other countries with yahoo messenger

Send free text message to your friends without worrying about,your sms bills, list of supported countries: United States,Canada,India,Indonesia,Kuwait,Malaysia,Pakistan,Philippines,Thailand and Vietnam

Yahoo messenger has come up with great features,incuding chat with facebook friends,free voice and video calls,share photos,videos,chat with windows live friends, as well as as send free international sms
Indian operators supported:- AIRTEL, VODAFONE, IDEA, BSNL,

RELIANCE, TATA (Indicom and
DoCoMo), LOOP, MTNL (Delhi &
Mumbai), UNINOR and MTS.

How to send message:-
Firstly we need to add the contact details of the person we want to message,we need to add his number to his details
Add your contact details:-

You firstly need to add your contact details
1)Click on “display images” of a contact in messenger list
2)Click on contact details ,a dialog box will open
3)Input his/her mobile in international format -(example +91-897-037-25xx)

Once you have done this you can send a message to him/her from contact window.
1)Select the contact you want to send message

2) In the Messenger window, click
Actions ,select Send SMS Message.
3) Type your message and click send

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