Win Tic Tac Toe game on android and get free 50 Rs Recharge

You might have played tic tac toe game with your friends in your childhood,The game is very interesting and tricky played amongst two peoples,one marks the crosses and the other person marks his zeros,you win if you make a consecutive order.

Today we are presenting a game for Android ‘Tic tac toe’,This game is same you mark crosses and win if you can make a consecutive order,It requires you to win at least 3 games in order to get a free mobile recharge,to begin download the game here.

And open it,no signup or registration is required,In the game you will have 3 options:-

1)Single player,

2)Multiplayer and

3)Make money.

From single player you can play with your phone alone ,Multiplayer option let’s you play with the friend/person next to you,both of you need to show their moves one by one,and the make money option let’s you get free recharge playing with the phone as a single player,you need to win minimum 3 games with maximum 3 chances to redeem a recharge,a person a redeem maximum one recharge per day (24 hours) You can practice and develop the skills for the game in single mode and then try out your skills in make money section.

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