Play zopper game and get free 100,30,20 Rs recharge

Zopper provides a medium to find out the best price for the product,browse over through 10.5 million products online across 350 categories and sort out what your are looking for,discover great deals,compare prices and get price quotes, zopper is giving away free recharges for just playing a slot game,the game is very simple you just need to press the circle/setting icon to roll the numbers you will win a free recharge if all the three numbers match up,you can get more chances by inviting your friends via email ,for every 10 contact you invite ,you get one more chance

How to get:- 
To get the recharge simply goto this link and press the setting icon below the slot will roll out if all the three boxes have the same number you will win the recharge ,just input your number and login with gmail to get recharge ,invite your friends to earn more recharge

the offer will end as soon as the money indicated will get over,one moblie can be recharge only once,and the recharging requests are processed within 30 Minutes.

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