Score amongst top 100 and get free 20 Rs recharge with ‘Play contest’ game

Play contest is an amazing game match up the items and you will earn a score,you need to make adjustments in the puzzle to get three similar items together ,each time you do this you get a score,the game is great time killer and rewarding too,play it you will really enjoy it.

How to start :-
To begin just download the game from here (Download the game directly or send the link to your mobile)after downloading register with your name and mobile number,begin the game ,open it and press play ,you will see two options ‘play’ and ‘add a friend’, click play and you will see the following scenario

Shift the characters to match them you can only shift them to the next spot ,match up any three and the characters will flee,adding up your score, during the game you will keep on getting the hints,you will get 30 moves per game, you will see your rank and score after a game completes,the leader board shows your score and rank ,you can see how much more you need to score and stand amongst top 100.


1)20 Rs Recharge for daily top 100 scorers,
2)100 Rs Recharge for top 1,
3)Score 1111,2223 or 3333 and get 20 Rs recharge.


1)Top 1st winner will get 5000 Rs Recharge,
2)Top 100 Monthly winners will get 100 Rs Recharge.

In addition you can also refer your friends and get 10% of their scores,send them the link or directly invite them.

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