Android Free Recharge apps that pay 10 Rs per referral and instant recharge

With this post we are listing out some of the best free recharge apps for Android that gives users mobile recharge instantly and a great sum of 10 Rs per referral,These are some of the most established apps,they are giving great rates per download and referral.
1)Earn talktime:-Earn talktime has recently gained a lots of users because of its overwhelming rates ,this app pays unbelievable rates per app downloads,currently this app is paying 47 Rs for just downloading the amazon app,refer your friends and get 10 Rs,Recharge instantly for minimum 20 and maximum 100 at a time.
2)Ladooo:-Ladooo is one of the oldest Free Recharge app it started from 1 Rs per referral and now it pays 10 Rs per referral,This app is very convenient,requires no signup/registration just download the app and start using it.
3)Freeb:-This one is the latest entry in free recharge apps for Android it also started from 1 Rs per referral and now it pays 10 Rs per referral,Recharge your Mobile,DTH,pay bills instantly,enjoy this app.
These apps provide instant recharging and 10 Rs per referral that means you can easily get 150 Rs Recharge if you refer just 5 friends to each app.

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