Recharge with 5 Rs and get full talktime on all Recharges-Aircel

Aircel has another interesting offer for us just recharge with 5 Rs once and get fulltalkvalue value on all other recharges starting from 10 Rs,activate the offer by recharging and then enjoy full talkvalue on recharges

This offer is limited to circles please consult your customer care before activating this offer and to grasp further details
To activate the offer :-
Recharge your aircel mobile with 5 Rs ,after you recharge with 5 Rs the offer will get activated on your number,once it is active recharge with any of the desired amount and get full talkvalue.
5 Rs is the charge for a particular circle your circle may require recharging with any other amount,consult your customer care for details regarding your circle.
In UP East this offer is available for 4 Rs ,and AP for 5 Rs.

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