Fortis owner Shivinder Singh dumps Rs 8000 crore empire to become a ‘sevak’

What would be your reaction if you hear that a person is set to quit his Rs 8000 crore to join a spiritual movement . Yes it’s true regarding Shivinder Singh, the owner of Fortis Hospital, one of the high-tech hospital chains of India.  Shivinder has announced that by January, next year, he will abandon the ownership and become the member of Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Radha Soami is a spiritual movement that has largely found its base in Northern India.

On announcing his relinquishment, Shivinder said that he has invested 2 decades of his life to nurture this hospital. He said, from some time he feels that there is a need to return benefits reaped from the society. Hence, I have decided to join Radha Soami Satsang Beas of Amritsar, said Shivinder. On completing his responsibilities in Fortis, he will move to ‘Dera’.
Just in his forties, his decision to give up his vast wealth and business settlement has surprised many. Shivinder wants to dedicate rest of his life in social uplift of the downtrodden.
Fortis is well known for its state-of-art technology in medical field and has been providing services in 15 cities of the country. It has also spread its wings across 10 other countries. The hospital possess capital of more than Rs 5 thousand crore.
Fortis Healthcare is mutually owned by two brothers, namely Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh. After, renunciation of the younger brother Shivinder Singh, Malvinder will be the sole head of the Hospital. Shivinder said that even after quitting worldly affairs, he will continue giving advices to the company.
Fortis Hospital embarked on healthcare from Mohali following Delhi and other cities. Famous Escorts Heart Centre also became part of Fortis during its successful course.

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