Just Perform Searches on Bing and get Freecharge promo codes absolutely free with Bing Rewards

Bing rewards is a unique platform that offers users free rewards,vouchers,gift cards to perform searches on the ‘Bing’ search engine,Bing rewards are now available for the Indian users too,Microsoft has tied up with ‘Freecharge’ to offer freecharge promo codes to the participants of Bing rewards program in india,Users just need to stay signed in to their Microsoft account and earn points for their searches from Bing mobile or desktop site,the points will be redeemable for freecharge credits,you can earn upto 10 credits per day,each unique search query within last 5 queries will get you 1 credit,As of now each user can redeem only 1 type of coupon available at the catalog,Follow the simple procedure below to activate this.
Steps to activate the offer:-
In order to activate the ‘Bing rewards’ program,First head to This link, and sign in or sign up your Microsoft account,clicking signin will take you you login page,signin and you will reach the dashboard ,which will show a screen as follows,now you just need to start performing your searches at Bing search engine,While logged in to your account and earn the credits,Once you accumulate enough credits,you can redeem them,The promo codes will be redeemable only at freecharge app,site,mobile site,Watch/Track your Bing reward credits increase as you perform the searches, at the dashboard,You can also earn credits for searching using your ‘Windows Phone‘,Bing app on iOS and android are not supported for this program,Once you accumulate enough credits the option to redeem will come up at your dashboard as mentioned previously.
Other details:-
  • You can earn a maximum of 10 credits per day,for searches on both Bing mobile and desktop site,while logged in,
  • Credits will be counted for unique searches only,
  • Searches on Bing Help,Bing Maps and Bing blogs are not counted,
  • Each coupon can be availed only once per user,
  • Promo code can be redeemed only at the freecharge app,site or mobile site,
  • Each promo code can be used only once per user/mobile,
  • Mobile number verification is required to perform the redemption,
  • Voucher will be redeemable only for a limited time period.


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