What you can learn in Lockdown, Learn and earn program

As we all know that there’s Lockdown is announced by the INDIAN GOVERNMENT due to bad cirumstances in COVID – 19. As per the government all the services are closed expected the Essentials services ( Like grocery, medical, banking , etc )

So all the peoples who stay in the home can be going bored, so we will provide some ideas by using which you can consumed your time and saves u to be going bored.
Kindly follow these steps:-
  • Learn Some coding languages
  • Make videos on youtube or tiktok
  • Do your pending work
  • Spend time with your family
  • Learn Cooking
  • If you are student try to choose your line 
  • Business owner’s can think how to make their business successfull

Learn Some coding languages

Coding is the neccessary part of oour life in the future generation, as all the things ar going connected with the internet, so it is quite possible you can earn a good future, if u having the good coding languages. So i will give the link of some websites which can teach you about different coding languages for free

Make videos on youtube or tiktok

If you have the good attractive natures and have a hobby regarding video making and have any special skill, so you can make a youtube channel or to create a tiktok id so you can earn a good income in future time. Some of the good Youtubers or Tiktoker’s are as follow

  • Technical Guruji (Youtuber’s)
  • Amit badana (Youtuber’s)
  • Save Money World (Youtuber’s)
  • Mr.Faisu (Tiktoker’s)
  • Riyaz (Tiktoker’s)
  • Sameeksha Sud (Tiktoker’s)
Do your pending work

Kindly complete all your pending work which is not be completed due to your busy schedule, Like your old projects, business calculation, etc
Spend time with your family

It is very difficult to all of us to make some good time which we can spend with our families. So due to thanks of COVID – 19, we got this great opportunity to stay safe at home with our family members, but kindly know one most important thing is that to make Social Distancing.
Learn Cooking

If your a guy or the girl of foody mood, than you can spend your spare time by trying to cook something. In first days may be u don’t like your own hand made food, but before the closing the Lockdown, you are really becoming a Good cook. If you are a food lover than you also like our food collection offers, by using which you can get lots of discount on your online or offline food purchase.
If you are student try to choose your line

If you are student whose pass 10th or 12th standard, than you have  good time to think what u want to be, and what you need to become your future bright. So it’s not a time to waste by you, kindly utilize your time and make your time to a money making machine.
Business owner’s can think how to make their business successfull

Friends if you are a business owner, than its a great time to become ready to publish your business online. For this you need a web designer, to buy the readymade software, its your choice. If you want to buy Hosting or domains, than i will suggest you some popular places from you get the domain and hosting at very valuable cost.
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