What is AROGYA SETU app

As we all know that, the whole world is facing the problem of Corona Virus, due to which lots of peoples is suffered and most of the patients are going to the dead end.

Governments are trying to make the peoples educate regarding this CORONA VIRUS, by different way of mediums.

To save the peoples from this DEADLY VIRUS, government make an Android app named  
” AROGYA SETU “. This app tracks the user by the help of the details and helps him to come i contact of the Virus affected person by the help of his mobile location or by the help of bluetooth.
What is Arogya Setu app

In simple words we say that, it just a tracker who tracks the location of the users and helping them to come in contact of the virus affected person.

How to download

  • First visit Google play store
  • Search Arogya Setu in the store or click here
  • After register on the app by using your mobile number
  • They will ask some question, answer it correctly, else app not work
  • Share the app with every friend or the relatives
Is this app safe

This is a fully secured android app, because this is published by the government and here only for help. The government does’t share any info with any others.
Is this app work poperly

This app depends on the details, which is submited by the user, if we submit the wrong details than app gives the wrong, If details are wrong, than this is not possible to track COVID – 19 affected users.
Note : – Friends government do lots of things for our safety, but its our turn to be safe, by staying at home, making social distancing, 
If you want to check Live crona status

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