Download movie The Kerala Story Full Hd Direct download link

Download movie The Kerala Story Full Hd Direct download link

The Kerala Story 2023 Full Film Download Free HD A changed over muslim ladies Fatima Ba portrays her trial of how she once needed to turn into a medical caretaker yet was stole from her home and controlled by strict vanguards and transformed into an ISIS psychological oppressor and arrived in Afghanistan prison. The Kerala Story is subtitled as being founded on a genuine episode, while the dependability of the insights shown are not upheld by any genuine proof.

The mystery, delivered on 3 November 2022, highlighted Adah Sharma playing the personality of Fathima Ba — a Hindu Malayali nurture — who had changed over completely to Islam and joined the ISIS, prior to winding up in an Afghan prison. She distinguishes to be one of the 32,000 young ladies, from the Hindu and Christian people group, who are absent from Kerala and have been selected to the Islamic Province of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) subsequent to being changed over completely to Islam. The guaranteed figures are broadly incorrect, being founded on mistranslations, misrepresentations and extrapolations from deceptions of irrelevant insights.

The Spectator Exploration Establishment in a 2019 report takes note of that around 60 to 70 people had joined ISIS from Kerala somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2018. As per Indian government figures not in excess of a sum of 100 – 200 Indians had joined the association throughout the long term, one of the littlest figures of any country with a significant Muslim populace. The US Division of State in its 2020 report on psychological warfare had recorded that there were a sum of 66 people from India who were subsidiary with ISIS around then.

The occasions depicted in the film appear to be roused by four ladies from Kerala who switched over completely to Islam and made a trip with their spouses to Afghanistan to join ISIS somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2018. They were essential for a 21-part bunch from Kerala to join ISIS in 2016, remain imprisoned in Afghanistan since giving up in 2019.

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